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November 25, 2008



Lovely shots! (I love your watermark, too! Is that new?)


Yeah - it is new. I kept meaning to make one and finally got around to it!


Gorgeous, Melissa!
The macro's on my list too. I need to start over with saving the pennies now though, so it could be a while. :)


Hi Melissa.

Funny, I just googled my flickr mates with '28-70 2.8', see you have it, and there you go, your latest post, you're talking about it :p

Beautiful pics, i'm thinking of getting this lens next. Do you use it for anything else, pros & cons etc etc ?

If you wouldn't mine either replying here or via email, I would be most appreciative :)


love the photography details :)


Oooh - haven't I been slack. I can't even update my blog now cause I can't get into it! OOOPS!

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