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September 07, 2008



What a lovely photo - Happy Father's Day to your lovely fellas!


What clever boys you have Melissa. Little Will is showing his talents early on.


Aww .. what a great pressie - love it !

And a lovely picture of your boys :)


I don't have your email - but Dooce is *the* original blogger .. click on her "daily Chuck' tab - he's normally balancing something odd, like a banana, on his nose, and his expressions are wonderful ( and this, from a non-dog-lover :)

With the firstborn, I never played any kiddy music - he listened to Coldplay and Depeche Mode and whatever we listened to also .. but Justine is good - there's a link to her website on my blog - and free audio links ( and a couple of videos ) from there to see if you like her stuff.

Have fun ! :)


That might just be the most perfect present ever. Seriously. How beautiful!

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