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May 07, 2008



Happy half birthday, Will!!!

He is such an adorable little man. :) (and photographed so well by mummy!)


I like the black and white shot, he looks much older that 6 months in it. Your words make me clucky. Don’t wish him to grow up to quick, just enjoy each stage of his development. Sounds like you are loving motherhood.


So sweet !

I too had a big-headed baldy ( well, they just look big headed with no hair, don't you think ? :)

6months is a great age :)


Hehe - his head's spot on average size but he's so skinny elsewhere that combined with his baldyness does make him look like he has a big head in these photos. :D

6 months is lovely!!

Kim L.

So darling... it's incredible how fast they grow up... :) wonderful photos.


That first photo is brilliant...love it so much!

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